Gary Joseph
Gary Joseph
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Meet The Builders

River Ridge is brought to life by Beacon natives Tim Owen and Gary Joseph. As career contractors, they both bring intimate knowledge of the city and a passion to see it thrive. This passion is manifested in every detail at River Ridge, from the way it complements its surroundings to what it gives back to the community. They were behind the 4-story high rise at 226 Main Street, modeled after the Holland Hotel that stood across the street a century ago.

The aesthetic of these buildings contributes to the vibrance and historic character of the neighborhood around it, a neighborhood so many hold dear. Whether these townhomes bring in newcomers looking to live life the Hudson Valley way, or people who have always known life here, Tim and Gary know River Ridge is the perfect home for anyone who loves Beacon.


Meet The Architect

Aryeh Siegel established an independent practice in 1996 after attaining positions of responsibility with architectural firms awarded for their accomplishments in the United States and abroad. Aryeh Siegel is responsible for the design and administration of each project.

His Beacon based firm provides the design and technical expertise required to successfully achieve the project, approaching each project as a collaboration directed by the client’s vision.